Effortless umbrella

At Swann Accountants Umbrella Services we offer a simple and effective PAYE Umbrella Solution. This allows you as a contractor to have a single continuous employment with a single tax code whilst you move freely between contracts and agencies. You have the advantage of full employment benefits whilst enjoying the freedom of a contractor lifestyle. Free to come and go as you choose.

For a low cost fixed margin we offer a fully compliant PAYE solution so you can rest assured that you are paying the correct amount of Tax and National Insurance receiving a payslip every time you are paid.

We work with recruitment agencies across a range of industries so are well positioned to offer you the employment solution you require.

Swann Accountants

Umbrella Fixed Fees

Fixed fees

We offer a low price fixed fee margin that is industry competitive. No more worrying about how much you will be charged or any unexpected add-ons.

Same day payments

We offer same day payments so no more waiting for your money. When we get paid, you get paid.

Full employment rights

Working with Swann Accountants Umbrella Services you become an employee with full employment rights. Your tax and NIC’s will be deducted at source and paid direct to HMRC.

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